Production capabilities of L.A.N.A Eden factory allow to carry out projects of any complexity. Three producing departments, and also the dryer act on the territory of factory for the wood, equipped with the computer-controlled stationary device. The furniture factory is completely equipped with the latest conveyor equipment, allowing to minimize a human factor in production.

However, experts of L.A.N.A Eden every minute exercise control of all production phases, beginning from raw materials preparation before sale of finished furniture goods, thereby providing a quality assurance of the goods. Masters of the company own unique secrets of processing of a tree therefore handicraft work of furniture here is excluded. Depending on the order, the L.A.N.A Eden companies are offered by furniture from all available breeds of a tree: beech, oak, cherries, and also laminate, melkodispersny fractions/MDF/, etc.

The L.A.N.A Eden company makes high-quality furniture and is ready to compete with italyanskimiproizvoditel, it is furniture which will serve long. The furniture from L.A.N.A Eden is a high quality and competitive prices.

Shop 1

Machine and procuring.

Here Passes the First Fabrication stage of Furniture. Wood preparation – Process Laborious And Labour-consuming. Initially Prepared Sawlog Stack In Drying Cameras, And Under Control of Specialized Computer System Within 7-10 Days there is a Drying Process To Humidity In 6-8 Percent. From the Drying Board Moves On Milling Machines, Where Occurs Chambers of Ostrozhk Doski Do of the Necessary Sizes.

Shop 2

Assembly shop.

The received preparations at the exit from shop have the demanded thickness and further arrive on processing by milling machines by digital programmed control for giving of a necessary form to them. It agrees the computer program put in the machine, it gives to preparation any geometrical form and an engraving.

Shop 3

Paint and varnish shop.

Usual chair, table or door getting on paint and varnish shop assumes a rich, beautiful and trade air. The L.A.N.A Eden company uses the most high-quality varnishes and paints for a furniture covering. Qualification of experts allows to carry out toning and a covering high-quality two-component polyurethane varnishes of the made furniture according to the most exacting requirements of customers.